Crab Orchard Kentucky Travel Commercial

Come join us in Crab Orchard! Our town, is your town!

Prank phone call to my sis on her honeymoon. I call my sister up on the first day of her honeymoon. I use a spoof Continue reading

Prehistoric Pac-Man A video documentary by Dr. Larry Croft, on the real story behind the video game Pac-Man.

Puppies! My sisters dog had puppies, and here they are. She has alredy gave them all away.Continue reading

Rose Peddle At Home Vacation

Rose lives large on a low budget with an at home vacation!

Competitive gourd growing with widowed stroke victim Rose Pedel!

Rose Pedel shows us her prize winning gourd and shares some of her secret growing techniques with us!

Phone Around Your Neck! (Life Alert Parody)

Senor citizens everywhere are getting back there independence and peach Continue reading